“Letting Go: It’s All In The Mind”

I’m building on my previous “Do-Nothing” whole-body technique. Here are some details……

I was awakened in the early AM hour with (OMG!) an erection so strong I felt like I was headed for a wet dream! But I wasn’t dreaming! I was squirming face-down in bed, just waiting for a climax but it never came. I felt my prostate primed and just ready to get the signal. Finally, after about 15 minutes or so, it began to subside and I decided to retreat to the sofa and listen to some relaxing sex lounge music that was not too stimulating (this seemed appropriate for the do-nothing technique). So, I found a track and began to listen…….
Well, it wasn’t too long into the music that my mind began to wander. Not like a dream, but more like a meditation. I began to “let-go” sexually. At first, it seemed like pretty tame stuff.

[It’s hard to put some of this down now — it can get pretty insanely intense. For those unaccustomed to graphic detail, I would recommend NOT reading any further.]
I began to envision the very act of sex—very erect, wet penises of all sizes, vaginas “ready” for penetration, wet lube everywhere (natural and artificial), soft large breasts meant for stimulating cuddling. There were acts of bondage, women (and men) tied-up and in various stages of sex, dildo use (women fucking men anally), and on and on. I can’t get too much more graphic than this. But it didn’t stop there…..one of the tracks featured a distinct “train” theme and I was then carried-away to different parts of the world where I envisioned a world of sex: white sex, black sex, yellow sex, red sex, white on black, black on white, and so on. It was very real and a real eye-opener. It suddenly dawned on me…….people all around the world are having sex RIGHT NOW and I can “tune-in” to it with my mind! This is a “mind-f***” “meditation” that can be absorbed seemingly at will! An overwhelming thought!

Conclusion: I don’t need any direct sexual stimulation to let myself go sexually. I just need to surrender and let the sexual energy carry me away. After all, it’s all in the mind!

PS Another “surprise!” I am now in Day 5 of SR and am getting a mental image of being sexually “loaded, cocked and ready to fire!” OMG!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/letting-go-its-all-in-the-mind/