“A Do-Nothing Equivalent? —Fascinating!”

i was laying in bed this morning with a fairly strong morning erection and I got-to-thinking: Is there a whole-body equivalent for the Aneros “Do-Nothing” technique? I know it sounded somewhat silly but then I began to explore it in a little more depth…

The Aneros “Do-Nothing” technique is well-established among Aneros users. Using it still produces amazing results. So why can’t this same technique be applied to the entire male body? I began to think this through some more…..

I am already practicing “semen retention” so that phase of “Do-Nothing” seems to be well-established in me. But other things I do such as binaural beats and Peridise sessions do not fit. What if they were to be eliminated from my regime?
This argument has come full-circle. By doing nothing, am I encouraging my male body to take-over and do what it was designed to do? That is, be ready for intercourse? A penis which will erect strongly either at will or with just a little bit of encouragement? Attract a mate?

Then, there is the whole “horniness” thing. If I want to practice “do-nothing” for my entire body, won’t my body “revolt” at some point and tell me “enough-is enough” already? Will this potential practice then shift my libido into overdrive? Is that such a bad thing?

Where should I go from here? This is a very fascinating topic! I think I need to explore this some more!

PS I forgot to include “Aless”? Should it be allowed? My gut instinct is “no”! That would be another indirect form of stimulation. So by eliminating Aless, that really should ramp-up my libido. But can it be practiced? Time will tell…..stay tuned…..


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-do-nothing-equivalent-fascinating/