1. 6 months in and not there yet, but I’m getting some great things happening!

  2. 9 Years and not even involuntaries or dry orgasms. Stay Strong!

  3. Prolly at least a year, and I still haven’t achieved the results I’m looking for.

    Some things are happening, but not the mind-blowing bliss I’ve heard about.

    It seems that there needs to be the exactly the right amount of tension in the rights places, not to lax, not too tight, and all the internals lined up correctly.

    Funnily enough, I can sometimes get some better sensations after a session, or the day after, sitting in a chair. I find that crossing my legs and relaxing helps. Or in a car.

    I don’t get orgasms like that, but it feels very good, like someone decided to relentlessly stimulate me without mercy. I usually have a raging erection and precum during the process.

    I actually wonder if it’s not so much the intensity that I should try to achieve, but the relentlessness. That slow, evil, torment.

  4. 9 months. Gosh when I had my first super-o I was like **FUCKKK OK OMGOMG**

    I know this has been repeated every time, but you really need to be super relax during session and don’t jack off for a week.

    What I did to get to super-o “slightly” faster is that is hold my contraction and slowly let it go until my anus contracts automatically.

  5. 2 years. With some amazing o’s but I’m not ready to call it super o yet. What of it gets even better?

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