I don’t know if my helix is hitting my prostate

when I use my finger I can get right on it and press so I know what the sensation feels like

when I use my helix it can feel good but I almost never get the same sensation from pressing on it with my finger which makes me think it’s missing it entirely

am I just overthinking it and it’s not supposed to feel the same? the helix reaches as far as my finger does so I’m not sure what to think

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4v5bxo/i_dont_know_if_my_helix_is_hitting_my_prostate/


  1. How long have you been using the Helix? It took me quite a while until I got pleasure out of it. You can also try to get into another (comfortable) position.

  2. Always remember it takes a bit of teasing. Gentle pokes and strokes with arousal. Let your body sink into relaxation and see if you can channel your arousal and imagine your prostate swelling.

    It’s not like a button that feels automatically good.

  3. I probably need a different/bigger model than my Helix, but I like to manually maneuver it in order to stimulate the prostate for a few minutes and then relax. It seems to work for me.

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