no matter what I do my ass always burns

I’ve tried fucking everything. Even just using my finger it still feels like there’s hotsauce on my asshole, especially pulling out. It’s not the lube or anything.

I’m so desperate to make this work but not once has this not been an issue. Every time I try any sort of penetration my ass burns and it’s completely impossible to relax or feel good. At best I can just try my hardest to ignore it and it’ll sometimes feel a little good still but that goddamn fucking burning sensation is ALWAYS THERE


I’m out of ideas. I guess I’ll never be able to enjoy butt play.

I don’t know if my helix is hitting my prostate

when I use my finger I can get right on it and press so I know what the sensation feels like

when I use my helix it can feel good but I almost never get the same sensation from pressing on it with my finger which makes me think it’s missing it entirely

am I just overthinking it and it’s not supposed to feel the same? the helix reaches as far as my finger does so I’m not sure what to think