no matter what I do my ass always burns

I’ve tried fucking everything. Even just using my finger it still feels like there’s hotsauce on my asshole, especially pulling out. It’s not the lube or anything.

I’m so desperate to make this work but not once has this not been an issue. Every time I try any sort of penetration my ass burns and it’s completely impossible to relax or feel good. At best I can just try my hardest to ignore it and it’ll sometimes feel a little good still but that goddamn fucking burning sensation is ALWAYS THERE


I’m out of ideas. I guess I’ll never be able to enjoy butt play.


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  1. You say it’s not the lube, but what exactly are you using for lube? You could also have inflammation due to the type of tp you use, medical condition or diet even. Unless your brand new to anal play and your using the Progasm, that shouldn’t be normal.

    What’s your diet like, do you eat enough fiber or do you have consistent loose stool or diarea?

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