“A Toothpick?—- You Must Be Kidding!”

Oh my!! Just when I thought I experienced it all, this “session” had me blasting-off into orbit! Let me try to explain how it happened……
I was up fairly early. I had a strong erection just before getting up so I know I was quite aroused. I went to my favorite sofa and proceeded to dose on a binaural for multiple orgasms (no ejaculation). It was about an hour long; I finished it but frankly I did not experience much this time. Oh well……
I then started to look for some erotic lounge music and proceeded to listen. Now I normally don’t point the finger at the music selection for my success during sessions but this one really did it for me (on YouTube): “EROTIC FLUIDS – MAKING LOVE & Relaxing Romantic Sensual music❀ ,SEX MUSIC MIX BUDDA LOUNGE” It was a full 2 hours long (and I am still listening as I type this!)

Anyway, while listening, I got the urge to just concentrate on my perineum and scrotum during this session. So I got naked, tensed-up my scrotal “package” and proceeded with a slow tantric massage “down-there”. Realize that I did not really have an erection (yet) from this but it was so sensual and satisfying. Then, something quite unexpected happened……

I thought to myself: if my fingers can be so arousing, can I possibly get the same amount of pleasure from……A TOOTHPICK?

I know it sounds silly now, but I quickly found one in the kitchen. I resumed listening and, with toothpick in hand, began to ‘explore’ my scrotum and perineum with it. And guess what happened? The scrotal skin (and including the perineum) is loaded with sensitive nerve endings that the toothpick easily stimulated with surgical precision! I moved-around the area (including the P-spot) and then tried a few other things with the toothpick. The nipples became engorged with just a little bit of stim. And (are you ready for this?) stroking or ‘pricking’ the underside of the penis near the head……OMG! I had my blanket off for this so I could see my cock dancing around with every touch! It was fully erect this time. I then had the courage to try the anal area (carefully!) Another OMG! I can feel the individual hairs as I move it around and it is exquisitely sensual. I had to be very careful not to puncture anything!

I could have easily finished-myself-off with this technique but I decided not to. I am in Day 4 of SR and I want to last a little longer. But I must say that the combination of sex music and concentrated touch (via a toothpick) was one of the most erotically-charged self-tantric sessions I have ever experienced! I will be eager to continue the exploration in the kitchen to see what else I can cook up!

PS As I finish this blog entry, I still have about 20 minutes to-go on this amazing track! I can’t say it enough: this music was the key to this amazing session!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-toothpick-you-must-be-kidding/