Focus on the Penis during Aless: An meditative exercise (A work in process)

Hi guys,

In reading many forum posts and blog posts here on, and then reflecting on my own Aneros journey, it is clear that the Aneros opens doors to guys in experiencing the many possibilities of prostate and anal anal eroticism. Both the prostate and anus are only parts of the male genital apparatus. We cannot leave out that the penis, testicles/scrotum, and subsidiary organs in a guy’s genital apparatus has in all this too. Our brains and emotions as well as the erogenous areas of our bodies has in this experience as well.

However, when Aneros sessions awaken prostate and anal eroticism there is an excitement found in Aless — a sexual verve and current like electricity which cannot be quenched. Alessness outside of sessions is also a hunger for the Aneros. I have found that as I really got into my sessions (six months or a years down the road) that the excitement and hunger elicited by Aless leads me to Aneros and then back to Aless, a back and forth in an unbroken cycle. Now I love my Aneros models and what they do for me, and I love my Aless.

Many married guys attest that the Aneros has enhanced their sexual lives with their wives. Confirmed bachelors like me feel reborn as sexual guys in their own right through Aneros. All of us who enjoy Aneros and Aless wonder how to channel all their sexual energy outside of coitus and masturbation.

Here is an exercise that may help with all that. This exercise is for you only. Sit in private area of your home at a time you will not be disturbed. Sit naked in a chair or with your pants and underwear to your knees or the floor. Look lovingly at our penis. Many guys while doing this focus may notice their penis become erect. Aging guys such as myself may revel in the tumescence or plumpness of our dicks. The glans will also become moist or emit precum.

While focusing on your penis, you will notice that in Aless the prostate is the center of vibrant sexual energy. I have noticed this energy pervades my testicles/scrotum, perineum, and the penis itself. I have noticed that this energy pervades the length of my circumcised dick from its root along its shaft right to my glans. I exult in all this energy found in Alessness.

Now perform the Kegel Exercises of various strengths along with Reverse Kegels, as many sets you may desire. I have found that Kegeling enhanced by relaxed rhythmic breathing. I have noticed that this activity increases the ardor of my Aless and even the my erections as well.

I hope to do this exercise every day, perhaps in the morning before staff activity at my apartment building or in the early evening when they go home for the day. This exercise of loving attention upon your penis may be developed into an no-hands auto-erotic edging exercise of masturbation in which you can develop the control to have orgasms/ejaculations of absolute power and sweetness!

All this is a work in development. Take care!