Another progress update – does anybody’s heart rate spike immediately when stuff starts to happen?

Went for it again for the first time in a while, had been so busy and had too many people around for a long stretch. But last night I had spare time and spare energy, so I went for it. I’d been thinking up fantasy scenarios all day so mentally I was ready. Showered, prepped, popped in my helix and took the trash out while doing light contractions. Was pretty sure I could feel my prostate then and there, which was noticeably early compared to my previous sessions.

Went back in and laid in bed, started out reading a erotic story I count among my favorites, holding a very light contraction. Almost immediately as I got to the good part, I started feeling a buzz. I had previously had a wave of calm wash over me, that was my last milestone, but this was different. It was localized to my prostate, but eventually grew and began spreading up my torso. I kept calm and tried to focus on both the story and the sensations. As I felt that buzzing spread through my torso and reach my chest, my heart just started thumping like crazy. Like from resting to “I’ve been sprinting for a full minute” heart rate, and I felt the heartbeat in my whole body. My breathing got staggered and I got very excited. It felt so so strange, but undeniably good.

I kept reading, and my story reached its climax, at which point I was really going. I felt the helix shifting and moving and jerking around in there. But as the story faded, so did the buzzing, and after a 20 second gradual come down, it had all but vanished. I was both real happy and real upset, because I couldn’t keep it going after the climactic part of the story. All in all my buzzing had only lasted like, 2 minutes, but they were by far the most intense two minutes I’d had thus far.

Anybody else’s heart rate go crazy like that? I think that’s what threw me. Any tips on how to capitalize on that buzzing feeling?



  1. Oh yeah, the second things start feeling real nice my heart races so fast, and having moderate anxiety issues, I believe this is what is preventing me from reaching the super O. Hypochondria and anxiety be damned!!

  2. Good tip on how to capitalize on buzzing and heightened plateau you are on. Taken from [B Mayfield’s]( B’s keys to the back door

    “So your anus is twitching,… so what now? Key number three, sit back and enjoy them! I’ve found that the twitching alone can give you kind of a high of it’s own. But importantly, now is not the time for heavy/strong contractions, again you can’t go back into the penile ejaculatory model for cues here, that is, more (contraction) is not necessarily not better. Be observant, be patient, work in subtle and gentle ways and allow things to develop.”

  3. Off topic: What story were you reading? Inquiring minds want to know, please!

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