8/2/16 session, Eupho Classic, Tempo, and Progasm Classic: Wow!

Hi guys,

“Aneros suggestions for use” suggests that when you have an Aneros session, follow up with an off day. I think that Aneros experts view Aneros sessions like a form of weight training. But when can have exceptions to this rule, when you have days when sessions are not possible or if you are horniness/sexual libido that needs to be satisfied.

Such was my experience this morning. I have a commitment Wednesday that does not permit to have an Aneros session. My session yesterday was so good that I wanted to follow it with another session that was even better. I chose in order three Aneros buddies that are very favorites. They are Eupho Classic, Tempo, and Progasm Classic. The classic series of Aneros massagers are made of a hard, medical plastic which is surprisingly comfortable even for Aneros newbies. Tempo is made of heavy stainless steel. Tempo has the heft of barbells.

Thus I aimed high with these “demanding” models this morning, but was richly rewarded because I let them work for me mostly by the “do nothing” approach. I began with Eupho Classic which went to town on me accommodating itself to my anal musculature and my prostate. With the “do nothing” approach, you can sit back and just observe or better savor how Eupho moves inside you and how it interacts with my prostate and anal musculature. First I laid on my right side, then on my back with my butt on a pillow, and then with my knees pressed on my chest as I performed sets of Kegels and Reverse Kegels. It is so beautiful now when I do all this. I can relax while doing all this.

The same procedure was performed with Tempo whose stainless steel heft magnified many fold erotic sweetness of Aneros along with the “joy” of my alive man cunt and prostate. Awesome!

Both Eupho Classic and Tempo prepared me for the rugged action of Progasm Classic. This morning I gave Progasm Classic quality time. I even withdrew this model, but reinserted Progasm Classic another 15-20 minutes of action!

I am typing this blog entry in the bliss of Alessness along with the satisfaction of a well-exercised man cunt and prostate. I throw in an occasional Kegel or two and I feel liked a revved up engine.

Also I seldom masturbate/ejaculate after sessions. I just want to savor the various states of Alessness aided by Kegels, if I want to. However, my Aneros sessions have enhanced many fold my occasional masturbation sessions. When I ejaculate semen it is so creamy accompanied by an orgasm which lasts about a minute or two.

Also it is possible to experience leisurely no-hands masturbation sessions “manipulating” your erect penis by your mind.

Take care!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/8216-session-eupho-classic-tempo-and-progasm-classic-wow-2/