1. For me the loopy part sits between my butt cheeks and keeps everything lined up. When you flex and pull it in further the p-tab hits first and the whole thing pivots up to put pressure on your prostate.

  2. As far as I know it was intended as a handle.

    I used my Helix Syn for about a year with it attached, and in that time I had zero success … and keep in mind, I have loads of fun with other toys, so ability isn’t the issue here. It was so discouraging I had relegated my syn to the back of the toy box. So, when I recently decided to modify it, I didn’t feel I was losing anything. The worst that could happen was I would ruin a toy I never used.

    A quick snip with the scissors, some light sanding to eliminate rough edges, and my Helix Syn is now one of my favorite plug style toys. I can use it sitting, working, even going for walks. It warms me up for bigger and better things, and sensations I had never managed to achieve before are now offering themselves up, seemingly without any new effort on my part. (I should mention, I left about an inch of the handle, just as extra insurance against accidental butt swallow.)

    I had discounted the Aneros toys completely, until I made that mod. Now I am thinking of getting a Progasm.

  3. I cut the tail off and used heat to melt the edge. Works great now. Will take time to work. 2 years on my journey last month. 🙂

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