Fresh mentality, new milestones.

I’ve been using various models of the Aneros lineup for basically a year now and have made progress, but nothing along the lines of prostate orgasm, let alone super-o. The sessions have become more pleasurable as of late, but many times my own mind will get in the way. Frustration mixed with overthinking have been my own worst enemy until recently.

When I first got involved with prostate stimulation, I read everything I could find regarding the subject: milestones, how to achieve it, how long it takes, what not to do, etc. I had read that you must relax, and I took that to a whole new level. Many times, my anal muscles would ever-so-slowly contract more and more (while adhering to the do-nothing method), but I would try to make that stop by “relaxing”. Little did I know, my body was trying to slowly and incrementally position the device properly against my prostate.

Recently, I’d decided to look at this with a fresh viewpoint; to not work toward a goal, but to simply enjoy it for the pleasure it brings. For a few months now, my PC muscle will begin to contract in a very slow, very hard manner that mimics the moment before traditional ejaculation. That feels wonderful to experience over and over again. Not exactly the same pleasure as traditional ejaculatory build-up, but still very nice. Last week, I decided to do something I’d never done before during a session– take my laptop to bed and browse porn. While browsing, I was laying on my side. I would set up a few videos to watch in succession and just kind of contract (my anal muscles) how I wanted to, rather than how I’m “supposed to”. Slowly and gingerly, abruptly and forcefully… just going with what I wanted to feel that moment. My PC muscle started thumping as it does now and I relaxed into it. Then, my sphincter and anal muscles started the slow, incremental contraction that usually happens and I just let it happen. That contraction got to a point where it was basically holding itself at around 50% without me voluntarily assisting it. After a couple PC muscle thumps, I started to feel a sensation I’d never felt before– shocks of pleasure through the center of my dick from the root to the tip. This felt absolutely amazing. It basically felt like I had one single, slow pump of cum over and over again. Like that first pump during ejaculation, but it was extremely slow and I swear I could feel every inch of my dick.

Suddenly, I sank into my bed. The world became fuzzy and I felt as if I was right on the edge of cumming, but for about 20 minutes straight. It was sublime. My PC muscle kept thumping, but with every thump, my vision was skewed in waves; almost as if I was underwater, looking up at the world through the water’s surface. No moaning or shaking, just extreme pleasure. When that died down, I didn’t end the session by jacking off. I removed the Aneros and waited for my husband to get home. For the next half hour, my legs were weak and I felt winded. There was a glowing fuzziness radiating from my groin that was simply wonderful. When my husband and I had sex, almost immediately after he arrived home, it felt ridiculously good. The build-up prior to my ejaculation seemed like it lasted for a full 5 minutes, during which the fuzzy euphoric feeling was duplicated. I writhed in pleasure, then came (shooting past my head and onto the wall behind me). That cum felt like it was assisted by a jackhammer.

I do apologize for the lengthy post, but I just want to emphasize how much your brain can act as a roadblock in this process. It’s almost better not knowing what the result could possibly be, but rather using it as a pleasure assistant without a specific rule set. I don’t know how far I will “progress” down this path, but I am perfectly satisfied with where I am right now. The pleasure is so intense now from cumming that it makes my legs shake and my abs contract. I almost don’t know if my mind could handle any more pleasure. When my mind is ready to handle it, it will subconsciously let my body know when its time. Never force anything. It’s a beautiful process that shouldn’t be rushed. The journey has been exquisite.

Thanks for reading.
Happy riding.



  1. Yay!!! I’m super happy because I know that frustration was getting to you. Looks like you’ve finally learned the first two keys to the back door.

    I’m copy pasta this right from the aneros wiki “getting started” page.

    **Clean the slate.**

    -Put out of your mind all of the thought processes by which you achieve a traditional penile orgasm.

    -Open yourself up to different forms of sensations that do not involve any direct penis stimulation whatsoever.
    Remove the burden of expectation that plagues many men and leads to frustration.

    -Understand that one never forces this to happen, but encourages it by generating certain stimuli and responding to them naturally.

    -Make the conscious decision to enjoy each session for what it IS as opposed to what it isn’t. There are many wonderful sensations on the path.

    – Don’t forget to smell the flowers along the way!

    -Learn about the Milestones and see the positive in the smallest achievements.

    **Start your Aneros sessions aroused.**

    I seriously had some great success around the 7-8th month after getting one then suddenly it stopped working at all for me. After figuring out what I was doing wrong I now read the keys to the backdoor bit and I’m like…… duh. Keep coming back to these keys! Maybe there’s just plain too much information for us to read.
    Congratulating you on your milestone. Wait until you see what’s around the corner.

  2. I am truly jealous.

    I heard one guy say that using an Aneros, it felt like even his teeth were orgasming.

    Oh man.

  3. That sounds awesome! I’ve achieved good sensations (not nearly as good as you described) by just lying down, looking at porn and not even paying attention to my Aneros that’s inserted. Out of nowhere, my body starts making the device work its magic, and I just ride it for as long as I can. Here’s to much more pleasure ahead for all of us.

  4. Congrats on your Super-O. Now if only I could even get some of the basic beginner milestones after *9 years* of use!

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