Last night – I got there

Last night, before going to bed I inserted my newly purchased Helix Syn. My wife usually goes to bed early, and was asleep by the time I snuggled in. I am fairly new to Prostate Massage, although I have enjoyed inserting things into my butt for a long time. It always felt good, I just had no idea what I was doing. The interest in stimulating the Prostate was made all the more interesting when I heard about men having multiple orgasms and I really wanted that sensation.

Like many other readers who have posted on this site, I thought true prostate orgasms were nothing more than a myth! When I tried, I would feel this fantastic sensation build then fade away. The more I thrust and swirl the object in my anus, pressing against my “sweet spot”, releasing amazing feelings, then they would always “run away”.

I have read about the balance between sensation and mind – relaxation, squeezing the Helix against my prostate and holding the pressure, then slowing relaxing, all the while the sexual energy building. I have read on these blogs the need to relax and breath, focus and squeeze, no thrusting or bashing my arse around.

Well last night I did just that, squeezed and relaxed, breathing deeply and focusing on the pleasure building in my tummy. after maybe 20 minutes, I felt waves emanating from my groin and my heart stated to race. I could hear the thumping of my heart as I lay face down on my pillow. The waves pulsed my entire body and it lasted about 30-40 seconds. There was not much pleasure associated with it, just the sensation of massive amounts of energy rippling through my body. Perhaps I suppressed the pleasure, this sensation was very new to me and I was over examining what was taking place. Also I was afraid I would “moan” loudly and wake my wife.

From what I have read, I class this experience as a Mini Super Orgasm, a taste of what’s to come!! I can’t wait!

I have also wondered if masturbating and ejaculating effect the reliability and intensity of the Super O. What do you think?