A New Experience

I’ve been using the Vice for a number years in once or twice a week sessions. I don’t use it with the vibe it came with anymore, I use the Muse because of the settings. I usually use the session CD I got from them. It seems to let me break down that barrier I get in my mind. I started off last night with flute music and just relaxing. I did that deep breathing technique until I was drifting a little. Then I turned it on. I skipped the constant vibration and went to the slow gently ramping vibe. I think it gives the feeling of a stroke or touch, but that’s just my opinion.
After a few moments, my body began those quivers inside around the Vice. Then I let it take over just relaxing with it. I thought my body had moved it before, but it hadn’t like this. I had no idea of an anal orgasm or what it did, but that is the only way I can describe it. My anus clamped on it, and muscles began moving it. I could feel that tingle of warmth from the p-spot that came and went. All of a sudden POW. My entire anal area started contracting around the Vice in waves as my sphincter muscles allowed it to glide to and fro. I wasn’t ready for that kind of motion because even with a lot of lube I was tender for a while after the session.
I have had one Super-O once, but it is elusive to me, my mind begins to think too much. The experience last night nearly blanked my mind with the pleasure waves it created. I didn’t ejaculate or have too much weeping from my penis, but those waves of intense pleasure satisfied me more than any ejaculation ever had. I didn’t know an anal climax could do that. I could have continued the session longer, but I was in need of more lube if I did so I extracted it and stopped. It was the first session of its kind that made me realize the potential of these Aneros things.
I’m wondering though if the feeling of the rectum moving, quivering, and contracting is standard with the Aneros?
Another weird thing is my body doing those things without any Aneros present when I get sexually excited. I sometimes think my body actively wants the device. If this is an addiction, what a sweet one it is.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-new-experience-2/