“Sexual Metamorphosis: Are Others Feeling It Too?”

Background: I dosed on my usual prostate health binaural for an hour. I found some ‘oriental sex lounge music’ as well and it was very different and actually seemed to trigger some erotically stimulating fantasies in my head. After that, I removed headphones and just started to relax. I am now feeling an unusual sensation in my male package, particularly the testicles. I am avoiding stimulating them too much for fear of having to ejaculate. I am now into Day 7 of semen retention (a new relative high!)
I am feeling a different kind of “Aless” sensation from my prostate today. I don’t know if it is directly related to semen retention and/or a boost in testosterone. But whatever it is, I am feeling it!

That leads me to another question: If I am feeling this so strongly, will others around me be feeling it too? Will there be a male sexual “aura” surrounding me? It is hard to describe but it seems to me to be a different manifestation of male sexual energy, a metamorphosis if you will, one that pervades my entire body. Perhaps I am just horny after all but this feeling just won’t go away today. Do I need to ejaculate? I am trying hard not to….I will persevere as best I can today and provide an update later on.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/sexual-metamorphosis-are-others-feeling-it-too/