Third Super-T attempt, 8/5-6/16, making some progress

Hi guys,

Tonight I made a third Super-T attempt. I didn’t succeed, but it went much better than I expected. First I masturbated for an hour or so. But in the 11 o’clock hour, after some edging, I had an erection which inspired me to make the attempt.

I masturbated in a relaxed fashion first with Helix Classic and then MGX inserted. I discovered unknown aspects of both devices hidden from me in months of usual sessions. I was struck particularly how they moved in my butthole so freely of their own accord. I continued Maximus but had to break off because I was tiring. The progress toward achieving a Super-T is leading me into unfamiliar areas of Anerosing. If this progress is done is an unhurried, leisurely fashion, many pleasures await me, especially Super-T’s. Take care!