Revitalizing my masturbation sessions and aiming for the Super-T shoot! *

Hi guys,

Aless arising from Aneros session is a multi-faceted miracle. It is sustained sexual energy emanating from a well-exercised prostate and a well-plowed anal tract/musculature by the “action” of one’s squad of Aneros devices. For a long time, particularly during seasons of sustained Aneros sessions, this energy is centered in my groin, but radiates throughout my body and even my consciousness as a man! I may be an aging retiree sixty-seven years old, but my Aneros sessions with their accompanying Aless makes me feel young, even reborn!

There is thus this dynamo of sexual energy at the root of my penis. It feels so good to feel this energy flow up the shaft of my dick to the GLANS. Often there emits a drop or two of viscous precum from cumslit/meatus of my GLANS! Even more wonderful is mere thought of this erotics of this energy is enough to start the flow of precum. From puberty across the decades of his lifetime, the sexually active male, will see and “feel” precum oozing from his dick. He may be horny, he may want to engage in sexual activity with someone special, or he may want to masturbate his cock and feel the power of this sexual energy.

These are the thoughts coursing through my mind as I restart regular masturbation sessions with my dick. They may be minor, they may be major, they may be just appreciative regard of the equipment between my legs. But most of all they will lead to a Super-T shoot!

Take care!