Lubrication Problems

Hi guys,
So I went on the aneros forum and found a recipe for coconut oil/shea butter suppositories. I put about half an ice-cube worth of this 50/50 mixture beforehand and then used some water based lube (slippery stuff) on my helix before putting it in. After about an hour it started to feel uncomfortable so I took it out. It was absolutely bone dry…but a LOT of the oil/butter mixture came out…how do I fix this?


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  1. I just use coconut oil. Depending on the temperature, it might be solid or liquid or somewhere in between. If it’s hard, just by rubbing it it will become soft enough to apply.

    I usually add a generous amount on the toy, and then a bit around by butt hole, and then I have no issues. When inserting the first toy the first time, I also tend to push it in a bit, and if/when I encounter resistance, I pull it out, and start over. It’s usually in by the 5th try and within a minute.

    The best thing about coconut oil is that as opposed to water or silicone lube, it doesn’t dry out while the toy is in, so it never causes any discomfort.

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