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  1. IMO a real guy is better, but in different ways. You can have a prostate orgasm during but it’s less likely, there needs to be really good communication between you and your top so you can direct him when he is on there right spot and the pace you like. There’s no reason you can’t have multiples, it’s just harder to pull off. I would say if you’re straight but curious, or even if you are gay or bi and new to bottoming you won’t have one because of nerves and a lack of practice. I like a real guy better for two reasons, the physical pleasure comes from the prostate a little but mostly from the sphincter or whatever, the in and out motion feels good. It’s a different sensation than the aberos when almost all of sensation is on the prostate. The second is I like the feeling of a real guy with a warm body on top of me and a real dick in me.

    TL;DR it’s possible but unlikely, if you are attracted to men then you should try it, if you’re doing it just to chase that O it’s not going to happen

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