Think I’m getting close / How long should you contract for?

In my session today I tried to contract my sphincter muscles for as long as I could at a medium pressure. It was around a minute or so.

Doing this with a rolled up towel under my hips gave the tip of my penis a vibrating sensation along with some involuntary contractions. This was definitely the most pleasure I’ve gotten about of the syn so far. However the involuntary contractions would go away when I would stop contracting.

However I’m worried that A: I may be contracting for too long? Could I hurt/damage anything? and B: the good feeling was almost entirely in the tip of the penis. Didn’t notice too much pleasure coming from the prostate.



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  1. What I do: I contract for a few seconds, between 2 or 15 seconds and I let go just a very little. Whenever I let go, my ass contacts by utself like it’s trying to get back to that tensed state it was just before. Then I relax sometimes between contractions. For a des seconds too. Try to visualize your prostate being squeezed everytime you contract. Breath. Moan. Repeat. Again. And again. And again. A lot. Until it turns pleasurable. And until your ass starts contracting like when you orgasm regularly. But this time you’re not touching your penis. And the contractions don’t stop. And they don’t get weaker. No, they continue again and again bu themself. And then just let go and see where it gets you!

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