“Aless Extraordinaire”

Boy, was I feeling crappy yesterday. I don’t know if it was a let-down from ejaculation following my 14-day abstinence. Maybe it was a lower T-level. But whatever it was, I’m glad it’s over today! Let me explain…….

I got a good night’s sleep and woke up at a decent early AM hour. I decided to listen to some erotic music. I got the urge to grab a large bath towel and a tube of lube(!) and go lay down. What did I have in mind? I started to lube-up but was having trouble seeing (it was dark!) When I finally realized that I had over-applied too much lube to my scrotal sac, I spent a few minutes “moving it around” everywhere and it felt so good! I could not leave it like this so I got up to wash myself off. To do this, I had to spend some time on my scrotal sac until most of the lube was gone. Then, it hit me: are the testicles themselves an erogenous zone? Now, I know what you are thinking: when guys accidentally get kicked in their “balls” it causes excruciating pain. Why would you want to tempt that? Also, testicular torsion is nothing to fool around with either…..it can send you immediately to the ER. But I was intrigued nonetheless, so I proceeded with an abundance of caution. [Side Note: I hesitated to post this “session” but decided to go-ahead anyway. Please note to be careful!]

Well, I began to lightly caress the scrotum as I have done forever and it felt good. But what I started doing next blew me away! I began to lightly “squeeze” every so gently and started to “knead” them just as gently with my fingers like a small glop of Play-Doh. I kept this up and then something amazing happened. I kind-of fell-into a new “meditation” on the incredible power emanating from these most male anatomical elements. And the more I dwelled on this, the more I was beginning to feel something in my perineum and eventually my prostate! OMG! My prostate now is pulsing and doesn’t seem to want to stop!

A little while later, I had to get up and get showered, shaved, etc. to take-on the day. While in the shower, I thought that I had just received a large infusion of testosterone; I was feeling that good! Maybe my T-level had been rising overnight too, since I awoke with a very strong erection, strong enough to let me know that another possible wet-dream may be just around the corner!

This Aless sensation and prostate pulsing are continuing some 4 hours later. I felt it while swimming in the pool this morning. As a side note, I have been approached by several women this morning. I don’t know what it is, but there is a definite connection between semen retention and the attraction of the opposite sex! I am continuing SR by definition since there are so many apparent benefits! This may become a lifelong “journey” for me!

PS At the end of this “session” I realized that my scrotal sac was extremely soft. The cremaster muscle which is responsible for regulating testicle temperature probably thought that by all the “massage” that the testicles themselves were too warm and thus released its tension!

PS I was thinking, for those Aneros guys that have never tried SR, give it a try! There are many benefits!

PS I realize now that what I am feeling this afternoon is primarily centered ahead of the prostate, probably in the testicles! But there is still an interaction with the prostate!

PS Now don’t get grossed-out but I took a “whiff” of my hands following my scrotal sac massage. It was not gross but was a unique male scent. Perhaps some pheromones throw-in?


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