Bought my first Aneros

Well I’m a bit drunk so…impulse puchase! I’ve just bought the Aneros Progasm Jr (I chose that one because Amazon says it’s the largest model) and I can’t wait until it arrives. Does anyone else here have one?

I’ve owned a couple of prostate massagers in the past; one didn’t feel like it was stimulating my prostate and the other had a seam running down the middle that was a bit sharp, so, uncomfortable (obviously) and they both ended up in the trash.

Now I’ve never actually had an orgasm from prostate massage, not for lack of trying, but I’m excited to have one because I am determined that this toy will be the one that finally does it.

I’m not a patient man so hopefully I will deliver my success story shortly, but any advice in the mean time is appreciated. Wish me luck!


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  1. I don’t know if it’s your thing or not, but if you can, I’ve found being stoned and super horny helps LOADS

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