“Semen Retention: Easier The Second Time Around?”

I decided to write this blog entry to indicate that my “second try” at the 21-day challenge is happening entirely by accident. I did not purposely embark on this mission like before. Rather, here I am in Day 11 and so far (haha!) I have not had an ejaculation nor a wet dream. The horniness comes and goes but lately, it is not too much of a bother. But when I am aroused, say in the night or early AM, wow! It is difficult to control it and, honestly, I feel like I really could use at least a wet dream. Like I have said in several blogs recently, I am prepared for one by lining my sleepware with a towel. It sounds strange but actually feels quite normal now.

I believe that this semen retention is as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing. You have to break-free from the ‘addiction’ of masturbation. Nearly all of us males are addicted in one way or another. It is when we are somewhat deprived of our ‘need’ (masturbation/ejaculation) we develop an INTENSE craving (i.e., horniness) and that is what keeps many guys from progressing very far in this endeavor. But for those of us who are persistent, we seem to develop a mindset that puts ejaculation ‘on the back burner’ so to speak. Is this normal? Is it a good thing? You can judge for yourself. In my case (and at my age), there are MANY BENEFITS to semen retention as I have outlined previously. Also, the net is loaded with info. on this subject. Is it a new way of life? Probably. Much in the same way that we are ‘re-wired’ by Aneros use, we are ‘re-wired’ for ejaculation response. Interesting comparison!……


PS In some way, refraining from ejaculation is almost like for us guys returning to “pre-puberty” days. We had then (most of us) no idea what ejaculation or masturbation was and when we had a wet dream (!) we didn’t know what it was. Was it normal? Was I sick? Likewise, when we refrain from ejaculation, we are going back to the beginning of our sexuality. Is this a ‘fountain-of-youth’? It should feel like it! Just a thought…….

PS Just finished reading “The Multi-Orgasmic Man‘. One thing I need to ‘practice’ (when I am finished with SR this time around) is to practice edging closer to the PONR so I can distinguish the prostate orgasm from the penile (ejaculatory) orgasm. They are only a few seconds apart. This would entail perhaps an ejaculation or two until I can differentiate between the two types.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/semen-retention-easier-the-second-time-around/