Hey, fellas! About to buy my first aneros. Would like some help.

Currently I have [these plugs](https://i.imgur.com/SuwJYFl.jpg)(I could not find an amzon link) [

And [one of these](https://www.amazon.com/Rocks-Off-Bad-Boy-Black/dp/B00CM893HO/ref=pd_lpo_121_tr_t_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=4N52FN6NVZCG6FTXV1MV)

I’m thinking about getting the Progasm Ice or maybe helix. The bad-boy I currently own is a little to big for me though and the plugs are too small. I don’t want to run into this problem with my aneros too :). I am 6’1, so it can’t be too short. It has to be able to get up in there. Not sure what else you need to know. Just ask.

EDIT: It’s notable that the bad-boy is just barely too big. And its really only the round part at the bottom that i can’t get in.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/50du52/hey_fellas_about_to_buy_my_first_aneros_would/


  1. I got the Progasm since I figured I could take the bigger width (and I can), but now I wish I had gotten a Helix so it could move around more. It’s preference over you want to feel more stretched out if you want more movement along your prostate

  2. With prostate toys its more than just about size and until you have some experience you will not know if you prefer larger or smaller. My advice for a first time Aneros model is to get the Helix (Syn or classic) or the MGX. The reason is that these two models are in the middle for length and girth among all the models. Those two models have the best odds of being the right model for you and you will also be able to get some experience and figure out if you might like larger or smaller size toys.

    My personal experience was getting a Progasm as a first model and barely getting anything out of it. Eventually I tried the MGX and found very good success and eventually the Eupho. My preference is for smaller and more agile models. To this day the Progasm still doesn’t do anything for me.

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