Question about using it?

I just bought an aneros since I have always been interested in prostate massage. However, when I tried it out and got it in I didn’t feel anything. Is that normal? Am I doing it wrong? I followed the instructions I read in multiple places but got nothing out of it. The only enjoyment I got was when I was putting it in.



  1. From my limited experience: make sure you are aroused BEFORE getting it in. And then relax! Its not going to suddenly jolt you with pleasure the first time. ESPECIALLY the first time. As cliche as it sounds, you kind of have to “awaken” your prostate (Something I’m still working on).

    Try putting it in, laying back, relaxing, and put on some porn you know gets you excited. And, again: relax. When youre used to jerking off for sexual pleasure, you get it in your head that “this feels good, so I should do it harder and faster to get to the end!”, but I am slowly learning that prostate massage and those amazing sensations are achieved by maintaining a steady rhythm and enjoying the ride. The end comes slowly, the middle part is the best part.

    Best of luck! It takes practice!

  2. I awake my prostate using hypnoaerosession Cd from aneros. U can find torrent with mp3

  3. I second the comment from /u/ThrowAwayTheTeaBag, relaxation seems to be the key. I’m a real newbie, and haven’t experienced the full, famed Super-O yet, but I have, I believe gotten pretty close. I find that taking my time, and most importantly, actively exploring the sensations is the key for me.

    The next points are my specific experience, I don’t claim it to be advice, just what works for me.

    I find it helps if there is no rush or distraction, completely alone, with no reasonable time limit. Clear your mind, relax, and take it slowly. And for me, when I clench my kegels, I actively explore the sensations, with my mind. I allow myself to drift into the sensation, and I find it heightens it. Rhythm is important, and pace. The worst thing by far is a wandering mind, if I start to think about the day’s problems, I can lose the whole experience immediately. I have to work to stay in the moment, and let it build. I’ve had a couple of experiences where I believe I’m pretty close, I’m shuddering with the building sensation, but don’t quite achieve the crescendo release associated with a true orgasm. I’m fine with that, I’ve made a decision to know when to stop. If I’m exhausted, I stop, rather than keep pushing and pushing. My perspective is, this is early days for me, I’ve got a lot to learn, I’m going to take my time and enjoy the adventure, not push to get a quick fix.

  4. It’s fine. Everyone is different. The good feelings for me took 14 months before they became regular and then now 26 months in it is still getting better and stronger. We can’t tell you how long it will take. And I haven’t achieved a super o as described by some of the people on here yet. No shaking and convulsive thrashing yet but I have had whole body buzzing and Euphoric highs often. And things are still changing. So th e journey is what it is. Welcome.

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