After sessions, does your penis feel weird?

Ok, I realize the question is an odd one. Hear me out: Last night I took another redditor’s advice and listened to some hypnosis files provided on the [Aneros website]( for a nominal fee. It ended up being one of my best sessions so far! Awesome. Loved it. Want to do it again tonight.

However, and I’ve noticed this after other good sessions, my penis feels weird today. I don’t mean that it has odd sensations, or pains or tingling or anything. I mean…it’s like I’m holding it for the first time. Like, when I touch it it seems like my mind is asking: Is this mine? Are you sure this is what my penis feels like?

Now, it’s not TOTALLY alien. I don’t feel like it shouldn’t be there or something, but it’s really odd. A little surreal. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m touching myself sexually less, since now I’ve got the Aneros, and regular sex with my wife, regular masturbation seems less…necessary? I’m not sure how to word that properly.

Anyways, wondering if anyone else has felt like this?

TL:DR – Does it feel weird touching your dick after a good session?