I think I had a Mini-O!

As the title suggests, i think I had one.

I was breathing deeply, watching some porn and following a pattern:

-breathe in slowly while pushing slightly (as if I were about to have a bowel movement)

-focus on any sensations that formed

-breathe out slowly while releasing the push but also not contracting at all

-focus on sensations

I think the key that helped this session was my mindset. I came into it thinking that I would be successful. I was planning on having this session a few days earlier, but the past few days just didn’t feel right. This morning I woke up and thought “today is going to be a great day” (cheesy, I know).

Additionally, I had this feeling of being content with how I felt at the current moment – and this was before any obviously sexual pleasure had happened. Every session for the past two years has felt progressively better, but I never really had any p-waves or anything better than that.

This feeling is what I think really helped me tune into how I felt without really thinking about it, as if I were meditating.

As I breathed in, I felt a pressure start to form where my prostate was – it felt stable, as if it were the source of the waves that I was feeling (I know it is, but this spot producing real orgasmic pleasure has never happened to me before). This pressure felt sexual but not orgasmic.

As I exhaled, I felt what could only be described as a vibrating sensation in the pit of my abdomen, near my pubic area. This buzzing sensation starting shooting up my cock with every heart beat, and it felt as if I were on the brink of orgasm (penile)! This went on for maybe five seconds or so, and started to wane. I couldn’t return to that level for the rest of the session.

I believe I’m headed in the right direction, and I really want to explore the amazing feelings that this toy gave me but I feel like I’m missing some key piece of the puzzle. if anyone has experienced something similar, or if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!

Even though the pleasure was short lived, I can officially say – after two years – that I am now a believer. I can’t wait to see what else I can experience with these toys!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/52lmug/i_think_i_had_a_minio/


  1. I have decided to abstain from ejaculating and that has really helped my sessions. I’ve started having mini o’s like you describe more often. Exactly as you say, I start feeling a tingly vibrating sensation centered in the pelvic area. Usually they subside after a max of ten seconds.

    Just an hour ago I had that sensation spread through the rest of my body with increasing intensity. It wasn’t as strong as a good ejaculatory orgasm, but it lasted for around a minute and felt unlike anything else I have ever experienced.

    I know this is cliche at this point, but it is really important to be relaxed and not rush things.

    I also found that focusing on the sensations helps to actually amplify them.

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