Some Progress!

So I decided to try an a-less session a couple nights ago and honestly I’m kind of shocked!

I had great subtle pleasure flowing through me at times, and I think I felt a wave or two that felt almost as good as a regular orgasm!

Unfortunately it didn’t last very long, but it’s gotten my hopes up 🙂

I’ve recently been feeling these ‘pleasure bubbles’ that feel like a bubble is sitting on or just near my prostate. Earlier today I thought I may have felt a fart coming on and – with my libido being high due to abstaining from masturbation for a week and a half – confused that fart for some kind of prostate pleasure.

However, about an hour before I began my session I noticed that same feeling happen twice in a row, but they felt much bigger and honestly if I relaxed myself into them I think I would have instantly came. That’s just conjecture though, seeing as I’ve been on this journey for a few years now and am just beginning to understand the intricacies of it all.

Has anyone else felt something similar on their path?

PC Strength Test?

Hey, is there a generally accepted strength test for how strong your PC muscles need to be to get orgasms from the Aneros?

I feel like I’m almost there, any suggestions?


So last night I decided to have a session with the PG.
I laid on my back while focusing on sensations, breathing deeply, and relaxing all muscles, especially the ones that control the aneros. I tried my best to let my muscles do whatever they wanted to while listening to my body. I felt a very nice tingle / ember of pleasure burning – the source coming from my abdomen / prostate area. I was only able to feel it for a few minutes, but it felt nice having waves of very slight pleasure that I could feel the source to.

Any tips on ‘crossing over’, so to speak?

I think I had a Mini-O!

As the title suggests, i think I had one.

I was breathing deeply, watching some porn and following a pattern:

-breathe in slowly while pushing slightly (as if I were about to have a bowel movement)

-focus on any sensations that formed

-breathe out slowly while releasing the push but also not contracting at all

-focus on sensations

I think the key that helped this session was my mindset. I came into it thinking that I would be successful. I was planning on having this session a few days earlier, but the past few days just didn’t feel right. This morning I woke up and thought “today is going to be a great day” (cheesy, I know).

Additionally, I had this feeling of being content with how I felt at the current moment – and this was before any obviously sexual pleasure had happened. Every session for the past two years has felt progressively better, but I never really had any p-waves or anything better than that.

This feeling is what I think really helped me tune into how I felt without really thinking about it, as if I were meditating.

As I breathed in, I felt a pressure start to form where my prostate was – it felt stable, as if it were the source of the waves that I was feeling (I know it is, but this spot producing real orgasmic pleasure has never happened to me before). This pressure felt sexual but not orgasmic.

Exciting progress!


I’ve been using my aneros infrequently for the better part of three years now, with nothing much to show.

Last night, I let go of my expectations and remembered ‘to smell the flowers along the way’. This got me places I have never been before!

I didn’t orgasm, but I felt really warm inside, as if my whole body was snuggled up tight to a warm body, and I could definitely feel sexual, pleasurable energy flowing through me at the time – however I lost focus.

Here’s what I did:

– Smoked
– Inserted Progasm with some olive oil lube (I don’t have anything else atm)
– I lay on my side with my penis tucked behind me so it wasn’t touching anything
– I started a breathing pattern I’ve never tried before. I made sure to avoid contracting if at all possible, and stayed as relaxed as possible. Went something like this: breathe in – deeply and slowly, while focusing on feeling my prostate and the sensations that came with breathing deep, hold while slowly tightening my abdominals, and release slowly while contracting abdominals.

This repeated pattern of breathing and feeling got me further in ten minutes than I had been in the past two years! I felt as though I were about to leak fluid, but I never did. As the pleasure built, so did my excitement, and I think this is where I messed up.