Exciting progress!


I’ve been using my aneros infrequently for the better part of three years now, with nothing much to show.

Last night, I let go of my expectations and remembered ‘to smell the flowers along the way’. This got me places I have never been before!

I didn’t orgasm, but I felt really warm inside, as if my whole body was snuggled up tight to a warm body, and I could definitely feel sexual, pleasurable energy flowing through me at the time – however I lost focus.

Here’s what I did:

– Smoked
– Inserted Progasm with some olive oil lube (I don’t have anything else atm)
– I lay on my side with my penis tucked behind me so it wasn’t touching anything
– I started a breathing pattern I’ve never tried before. I made sure to avoid contracting if at all possible, and stayed as relaxed as possible. Went something like this: breathe in – deeply and slowly, while focusing on feeling my prostate and the sensations that came with breathing deep, hold while slowly tightening my abdominals, and release slowly while contracting abdominals.

This repeated pattern of breathing and feeling got me further in ten minutes than I had been in the past two years! I felt as though I were about to leak fluid, but I never did. As the pleasure built, so did my excitement, and I think this is where I messed up.

I could slowly feel my whole body beginning to warm up to this whole body pleasure – which seemed to come from the prostate area – and I messed up my breathing patterns and started tensing up.

How close was I to actually having a prostate orgasm? Has anyone here gone through something similar?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4ykh2q/exciting_progress/