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  1. Major copy pasta here….

    *The Keys to the backdoor*

    There is no master key to the Super O. There are a series of keys to get you to and through the final Super O doorway. Your journey will be a process of exploration and discovery; these keys will be your guides.

    **Clean the slate.**

    Put out of your mind all of the thought processes by which you achieve a traditional penile orgasm.

    Open yourself up to different forms of sensations that do not involve any direct penis stimulation whatsoever.

    Remove the burden of expectation that plagues many men and leads to frustration.

    Understand that one never forces this to happen, but encourages it by generating certain stimuli and responding to them naturally.

    Make the conscious decision to enjoy each session for what it IS as opposed to what it isn’t. There are many wonderful sensations on the path. Don’t forget to smell the flowers along the way!

    Learn about the Milestones and see the positive in the smallest achievements.

    **Start your Aneros sessions aroused.**

    **Experiment with focused abdominal breathing.**

    Inhaling into your lower belly creates a diaphragmatic expansion that can be useful in generating and sustaining sensation.

    **Encourage involuntary anal twitching by paced gentle anal contractions.**

    If you experience twitching, lie back and enjoy it! The twitching by itself can often provide a kind of a high that should be savored.

    Respond to twitching with gentle echo-like contractions, again you can’t go back into the penile ejaculatory model for cues here. More, stronger, faster contractions are not necessarily better.

    While twitching, make sure that the perineal abutment tab (P-tab) is centered on your “sweet spot”.

    **Be observant and patient,** work in subtle and gentle ways and allow things to develop.

    **Focus on the sensations of arousal;** arousal is itself arousing.

    **Put it all together.**

    It is involuntary anal twitching coupled with proper tab placement with an aroused user that starts the neural feedback loop that generates larger and larger pleasure waves that ultimately becomes the total body orgasm. Exploration and discovery is all about finding the harmony between contraction, breathing, focus and arousal. Play with it and enjoy!

    Congratulations on the beginning of a new journey!

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