Early morning’s Kegels, Thursday morning Aneros session, post session active bliss

Hi guys,

The current heatwave of the past week or so is slowly loosening its grip. Yesterday I had a commitment which took me away from the apartment from early morning until 6:30 p.m. last evening. It felt like a sauna walking back to my apartment seven blocks from the bus stop, and even more so when I got some refreshment from my neighborhood 7 Eleven an hour later. I was so worn out from the heat and humidity that I planned for an early bedtime.

At 8:15 p.m. heavy thunderstorms with abundant lightning rolled through the area. I had to exit the Net, shut down my PC, and disconnect my modem. At 10 p.m., the storms with their abundant electricity exited the area. I had a restful sleep last night.

This morning at 4 I woke up with anticipation of an Aneros session. My body and mind was excited at the prospect because that is what Aless does to you. All day yesterday and even last evening in my exhaustion, Aless was always there as a good buddy, hitting me at surprising times. Often whenever that happens, I will tap into my Aless with some anal contractions and some Kegels to let my Aless know that I am ready to engage it as my good buddy.

However on early mornings as this, foreplay is good preparation for a sessions as I stimulate the erogenous zones of my body. Touching lightly my nipples, caressing my hairy pecs, abs, thighs, even my earlobes, even my dick and its Glans, etc. lights the fire of my Aless knowing that the main course, my session, will always be so sweet and manly. Man sex even with a lover or yourself in bating and edging or an Aneros session could be tough and tender, knowing that the end result, Aless, is so sweet and powerful, yet each time holding new and surprising delights!

I didn’t time this morning’s session, but I think it lasted at least 1.5 hours or more because I wanted it to be leisurely. It certainly turned out a heavy duty session, which I didn’t mind!

I used in order the following Aneros buddies: Eupho Syn, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic.

I like the soft, sleek and slender feel of Eupho Syn which I like to open my sessions gently. Subtlety is a major ingredient in having sweet, powerful sessions because out of the subtle approach, Super-O’s and MMO’s may happen out of nowhere.

I then went on to MGX which I am loving more and more. MGX like its brother, Helix Classic, works aggressively. MGX with its ribbed stem aggressive massages both the prostate and anal canal. This morning, I surrendered to MGX’s aggression. My alive man cunt is exultant is this morning and this exultation that I feel in my “man area” fuels my Aless.

Maximus has been a mainstay in most of my sessions since 2013 when I began to use him effectively. I like Maximus most for his robust penetration! Likewise Progasm Classic when I began mastering his big, bruiser action in 2013 is a perfect model for performing the Kegels upon in active man fashion. Progasm Classic has the traction which Progasm ICE lacks. Whenever I use Progasm Classic actively, I feel that I have been “fucked”!

After cleaning up after the session, and then bathing, shaving, and dressing for the day, I went out to get groceries in my neighborhood. The heavy thunderstorms broke the heat and humidity for sure. I look forward to cooler temperatures to arrive next week.

I am typing this blog entry wearing a BIKE no. 10 jock men’s medium underneath my cargo shorts, savoring my Aless with occasional Kegels. Take care.

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