“A Primitive Surfing Session”

Wow! This “surfing” session began in the usual way. I found a track which I had heard before on YouTube: “Erotic Massage – ZenitudeExperience” and it was the right track. It put me in the right mood and so I started surfing. I had my silky boxers on with a safety towel beneath and starting delicate stroking. I am keeping this up for quite a while (this was a one hour track) and I know I am getting extremely wet. I am definitely rock-hard. I am also getting VERY aroused! What happened next is rather intense.

[This will get somewhat graphic and may contain some profanity.]

After a great while of being on the “edge” my brain seemed to disengage from reality — I can think of nothing else but penetration, vaginal penetration. This feeling was, like I said, beyond reality. I am hard, very wet and I need to penetrate my cock. This is an overpowering sexual feeling. It is what I was designed to do and I wanted to do it now. This feeling is fucking intense. I feel primitive (like a caveman?) This is a primal feeling which I don’t believe I have ever felt before. Yes, I have been aroused many times but not like this. This was a basic, primitive, lustful sexual drive that is not part of everyday, 21st-century life. It hearkened back to a time when males were on the prowl in search of an available female in heat. I could smell the nearby sexual cavity. I wanted it and needed to “service” it. It wouldn’t take much effort…..I already was ready to penetrate my hard, wet shaft into the silky, sensual pocket. All I needed was to penetrate and ejaculate, penetrate and ejaculate. I was very ready. (Realize that none of this was “verbalized” in my brain—I was “feeling” it).

Well, I was shocked back into reality. Was this a dream? A fantasy? A meditation? Whatever it was, this sexual experience resided very deeply in my brain. Perhaps it resides in all male brains? Intriguing…….


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-primitive-surfing-session/