First SuperO – They do exist’!

Last night I went to bed with my Progasm inserted (as usual), I did my exercises and pulled the device into me and relaxed. I had some wonderful mini O’s and I rolled over to my left side and lightly dosed off. I woke up with the Progasm tightening inside me and an aren’t penis. This has happened before so I was not surprised, but then this wave, bigger than ever before came up from my feet, moving rapidly up my legs towards my backside, It was a huge wave, like nothing before, then I felt this massive pleasure building in my groin and the pleasure past all through my body. It was absolutely orgasmic, like I was cuming and cuming – it went on for probably 10 minutes. The intense feeling just before you cum, went on and on and on. The glans on the tip of my penis were huge, they swelled up.

Whilst I was in it and enjoying it, it was like I was in some mystical plane with warm lights everywhere. I know it sounds strange but while I was experience this pleasure, my mind was also experiencing a higher plane on consciousness that was very relaxing.

When I first started to experience progress with my Aneros, (only three weeks ago), I wondered if the little Mini O experiences were the best it was going to get. I thought perhaps people are exaggerating about the SuperO, maybe I had already had them. But NO, there is so much more – What I experienced last night was absolutely worth the hard work so far. You know you have had a SuperO

By the way, I have read about abstaining from regular orgasm whist on “the journey” and I have done this for over a week, but for me anyway, it does not matter if I have regular organs, so longs as there is the normal recharge time after wards, I was having Mini-O the same day as regular orgasms and my SuperO last night was only one day after after a regular orgasm. So tug away, I thing it helps achieve prostate orgasms.

Until my next post ….