Question from a wife

I plan on buying this for my husband. My question is, how can I enhance this experience for him? Should I touch him/fuck him while using this? Do I need to give him time to adjust to this? He is very open to anal play and looking forward to it, so I really just need information, tips, tricks. I want this to be as exciting for him as possible.



  1. As a husband who has a wife who also was very supportive of my enjoyment of anal play, let me begin by thanking you for recognizing that it isn’t some deviant behavior. I use mine almost every time I have any sexual activity with my wife. I usually ask if I should “take care” or “prepare” ( in other words, jerk off or put the Aneros in for team activities!) I will simply wear it during conventional sex, and love the added stimulation. I will also wear it for a blowjob, and my wife will often manipulate it something like a dildo. It has made me surprisingly vocal, and that just turns her on all the more.

    I’d say that you should tell him that you’d like to enhance his experience, and it sounds like you have an open enough relationship which means he’d be receptive to your participation. If he’s never used anything like it before, give him a chance to get used to it. I’m sure he’ll figure out what he likes in short order!! And good luck!!!

  2. Maybe give him a couple of chances to use it on his own, when he feels like he enjoys it on his own, have him get it in and suck him like you have been poisoned and the antidote in in his cock.

  3. I really enjoy my alone time with Aneros so I would at least give him some time to learn on his own and let him focus on him 100%. Having said that, now that I have had lot of experience with Aneros I also really enjoy having my wife lightly stroke my nipples and chest and stomach while I have a session. No penis touching at all. I can have waves or pleasure and dry/full body orgasms for as long as she has the patience to help me out.

  4. My biggest tip is to take it slow. Get sensual and explore each other. Put on a show for him like masturbation or stripping. Don’t rule out bdsm stuff too if you’re willing. Tie him up, blind fold him or vice Versa. It’s all about building up high levels of arousal with aneros stuff. You can’t do wrong unless you expect it to blow your mind right away. It is a journey not a destination as they say.

  5. Well every man is different. It’s taken me 2 years to get some real crazy sensation from mine but I am there. Alot of alone time. I would let him warm up for 45 min alone with it and then come on in and play. Use foreplay and body e zone stimulus with whatever you like without touching his cock. Then u two decide whether to take it out or leave it in. I’d say take it out then. His prostate will remain heightened and you two can have an awesome time together. Sone of my sessions rn 2-3 hours . No it doesn’t take the place of a companion either it just has some intense sensations for men. Up to you guys.

  6. I feel like crying. You are a very beautiful woman. Desiring the most for the man you love. You are selfless and that is sexy to a man. And it makes us in turn desire you as a woman. To that end. u desire this to work. But it isn’t about you. If you introduce prostate massage into the equation every man is different. It has taken me two years to come this far, alone. It is a tool you can use to explore and play but this isn’t for fulfillment. If your relationship is solid then fulfillment comes through you showin mutual desire for each other and the rest is just fun/play. Do not ever mistake emotional fulfillment with techniques.
    Read his needs her needs.
    And if that is good. Then have a great relationship and play. Do not test the strength or bonds of your relationship though with other people. It is dangerous and can Crack you both in half like water through a rock. Be exclusive. And enjoy one another. P-spot play takes enormous trust from a man anxious to his sexual identity. Does it make him gay? Bi? No it doesn’t bi the way. ( pun intended ). Anymore than getting oral from your husband makes you a lesbian.
    With mores out of the way, he will have to grow in his ability to sense through anal play. But you both can enjoy the journey. Nipple and belly stimulus are definitely on the road map to success for you both. Best wishes and god I wish you were mine. 😉
    Have fun

  7. I’m happy for you then that you guys have a great dynamic.
    I have had experience with many of these tools. Each one does allow for a slightly different experience, Progasm is more robust, Helix is direct, Eupho has a charm about it like a woman walking her fingers up and down the thigh. Such a tease. Maximus feels like Progasm/Helix in between. Love it. And Peridise, I will say it broke through the glass ceiling for me and opened the door to pleasure. Something you could use with him and yourself 😉
    Alot of talk on the forums about nipple stimulation going to the prostate if you want to engage him in this play.
    I would recommend you Google energy orgasm pdf and both of you read that material. Has taken me to very high extremes. Then watch the YouTube on it to see it in practice.
    Hope you all go and have fun 😀

  8. I hope I’m not too late but I thought I would add some tips:

    Every guy has erogenous zones (outside of our dicks) that make our cocks jump. For me, when I have my taint rubbed, my erection will flex, jump, and stand straight up for a second before falling back onto my belly. What’s happening is that these spots are wired to my prostate, and making it react, which in turn makes my cock flex and jump hands free.

    Find these spots on your man. Ignore his cock and find other spots on his body that make his cock arosed via this method. With his aneros in, rubbing these spots will make his prostate flex, and bump into and rub up against the toy. These are called contractions, and they eventually lead to a prostate orgasm.

    Have fun with it, don’t rush, be gentle and sensual with him. Think about your own gspot and how it reacts to body stimulation and apply those principles. It’s not too different

    Best of luck and have fun

  9. Erogenous touch. Nipple stimulation. Foot massage. Erotica talk and whispers. Backrubs/massage. Anything to u want to do. Make him your playground as long as u don’t touch his cock. Also try tantric and energy sex

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