“Disengagement and Fantasy: A Masturbation Technique”

This may appear to be complicated but it is actually quite simple. Here is how it developed…..

I was starting to listen to a nice track on YouTube: “Making Love Music | Sexy Songs for Tantric Love” about an hour long. I started a typical “surfing” session. I really didn’t care if I ejaculated during this session or not. As I got further into it, I began to meditate. I thought about how often I will fantasize during these sessions and began to dwell on the exact technique in more detail.

What I discovered is that, in my mind, I go through a “disengagement”, that is I remove myself from my sexual pleasure. Yes, I am masturbating but it is not ME performing all these stimulations—it is someone else! And therein lies the basis of a fantasy! Who is playing my package, so to speak? Is it a lover (male or female)? A stranger I just met earlier in the evening? An alien? A masseuse? A hospital nurse? A nearby stranger on a plane? And as I continue to disengage my brain from my self-pleasure, something happens. I begin to get more and more aroused. Since “I” am not causing my sexual pleasure, there is an anticipation of unexpected erotic bliss. The arousal can ebb and flow without my direct control.

This technique can be used to extend a masturbation session almost indefinitely. There is no telling exactly where it will lead. And that is the beauty and power of this technique—it can be very unpredictable.

This entire technique can be transferred to an Aneros (or Aless) session quite easily. If you think about it, it can even be transferred to a sexual love-making session. It just takes a new and somewhat unusual mindset to accomplish. It may be very difficult at first. But once learned, it can be invaluable in expanding one’s sexual repertoire to include fantasies that heretofore were unknown to oneself! An awesome and very stimulating concept!

This technique may not be for everyone, but I just wanted to share it.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/disengagement-and-fantasy-a-masturbation-technique/