Instant involuntaries?

First off I do not have aneros product but something similar, and seeing as this subreddit it is active I thought this would be the best place to ask. I have done a few sessions and each one gets better and better, but last night was weird as soon as I got relaxed with the toy in, my legs and body started shaking, almost shivering like I was cold but I wasn’t cold. Is this what involuntaries are? I haven’t had any of the shaking in any previous sessions and find it weird that it started almost as soon as I put it in. The shaking got a bit more intense but after awhile I moved and they stopped coming so I got impatient and ended up climax the normal way.

Also I have heard that vibrating products are a bit overkill is this true? The one I have does vibrate but I did not have it on vibrate at first to get comfortable with it in.



  1. About the shaking, it looks like many men have this reaction with prostate stimulation (check the various Aneros videos) . Nothing to be afraid of.

  2. About the vibrating, its personal preference. For me vibration sends too many sensations and overwhelms/distracts me from the best ones. For other people they need that extra sensation

  3. The wiki recommends not using vibration as it does take away the subtlety of the sensation. It takes time to awaken the pathways of pleasure from pspot stim. Nobody can tell you how to be patient or question if and what you are doing wrong or right. It isn’t about technique. It’s time and stimulus. Focus and relaxation. Involuntaries can happen and then they may go away. Progress happens. It took 14 months to feel much pleasure and at 27 months I now have amazing sessions. Just gotta have the will to keep practicing

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