“Give Me The Night — An Erotic Fantasy”

I had a “make-up” session with my wife last night after a long absence. Due to my DE, I did not ejaculate when I wanted to. But that only intensified my arousal later on this morning. Let me explain……

I was up fairly early and looking for action. I had a raging erection and needed some “me” time. I discovered a track on YouTube that led me to a fantasy that I have seldom experienced before. Perhaps it was a continuation of last night’s cuddling session. But it was so much more.

The track that set me on my way was : “DJ Fotis L – Music for Sex (Round 4)”. It started out in the usual way, with tender scrotal and penile massage. But as I began to sink in the music, I was carried-away to an erotic paradise with my lover (my wife). She is taking me deeper and deeper into a mystical “tunnel” which I know now was the innermost part of her. And as she began a most unusual “squeeze” on my erect shaft, I felt myself inside her. I am in a state of bliss and I feel the sex all around me. It is almost impossible to describe in words this feeling, only that I didn’t want it to end. I felt nowhere near climaxing; we just took-in this sexual “envelopment” which had us locked in a romantic embrace.

Toward the end, one of the last tracks was “Give Me The Night” and the lyrics couldn’t have been more appropriate:

“So come on out tonight
And we’ll lead the others
On a ride through paradise.
And if you feel all right
Then we can be lovers ’cause I see that
Starlight look in your eyes.
Don’t you know we can fly?
Just gimme the night. Gimme the night.”

What a night!……..


PS I thought I would hold-off ejaculating until tonight. However, I realized that I was just too aroused and horny this AM to wait any longer.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/give-me-the-night-an-erotic-fantasy/