“Lucid Dreaming—A Journey”

I have been experiencing lucid dreams lately and I don’t really know why. Some are not sexual at all. But I know they are lucid because I seemingly can “control” what I am doing and exploring within the dream. I recently read about “WILD” that is short for Wake-Induced Lucid Dream and believe I may be experiencing those too. Typically, I am sleeping about 5 hours each night and then wake up and start listening to some erotic music. I have been doing this consistently for a couple of weeks lately.


The past two morning listening “sessions” have been particularly erotic and sexually-charged. Were these lucid dreams? Were they WILD? I’m not sure at this point but I definitely remember them. Here are two most recent ones…..

First one: I am alone in a ski cabin. There is a blizzard outside and my “date” and I are seemingly stranded alone for a long while inside. She makes it clear to me that she wants to “cuddle” and I have no objections! So we begin our make-out session. But before long, this session (in my dream) is becoming quite erotic and graphic. She indicates to me during the course of our involvement that she wants my hard, wet cock inside her. And she will make sure that it happens! She keeps up my arousal until I am hard and wet enough to penetrate her. When I do, she indicates to me that she does not want me to cum, only to remain hard inside her. The feeling is incredibly arousing…..

Second one: This one is much more arousing and graphic. Was this a dream? I don’t know at this point. This may seem quite unusual and unreal, but it is exactly how it felt…… I have become my lover (literally) and am requesting essentially the same thing. I want my lover’s hard, wet cock inside me. But this time, I am the female and am seeing things from HER perspective. I am aware of “his” cock and how hard and wet it is becoming, and I am fantasizing what it would feel like inside me. I want his cock to take up a lot of space inside me and I want my clitoris stimulated by it. Further, she wants me to cum inside her; she want me to explode with semen inside her. She continues to fondle my balls which are quite large and firm and she is getting very aroused. I can feel this as if I were her. Strange, but this is what I felt.

(As part of this “session” I also felt the way she feels when using a realistic “dildo” (male anatomically shaped) inside her vagina and feel what she feels and fantasizes about when using it. This part was particularly mind-blowing for me! It is a little too graphic for description–use your imagination! Of course, she prefers the real thing!)

At some point, I am back to earth and back within my own body. Was this an out-of-body experience? I don’t know for sure. But it felt as real as my own cock!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/lucid-dreaming-a-journey/