1. Yea, has become somewhat of a staple for anal play. Heavily increases your ability to concentrate on sensations in your body.
    Can both increase or decrease your patience when it comes to the aneros depending on what type of person you are. Don’t go above 20mg if you want to use it as a supplement to your aneros session. While 2C-B is a very clear headed psychedelic, at larger doses you will still find yourself with closed-eye visuals and hallucinations that can be distracting you from your prostate (but man are they beautiful).
    However, I’ve done it with as much as 36-40mg multiple times and it was very fun! Just keep your room extra warm since you will be so much more sensitive to everything, including temperature.

    I wish you good luck, I’ve had the best sessions with substances, and 2C-B is definitely in my top 3

  2. Back then I Tried Weed and 1P-LSD.

    Each trip I have with acid I use the aneros with, the incredible prostate pleasure is immediately felt and I spend at least 3 hours in orgasm bliss.

    I was wondering if there was someone else with the same or similar experiences?

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