“Almost an Hour Near the PONR”

My wife had been away all weekend. I thought I would catch-up with a session or two! Well, was I disappointed! Not only did the Helix not do anything, I just wasn’t feeling it all weekend. Even the Peridise did nothing to improve my mood. Maybe it was her that I needed!
Anyway, she returned yesterday evening and I got a good night’s sleep, if albeit a little short. So I got up and started to listen to some erotic music. It wasn’t before too long that I had a raging erection going. But this one was different! It did not subside. By squeezing and lightly touching the underside of the glans, I felt closer to the PONR that ever before! I was literally a stroke or two away from an ejaculation. But I was able to maintain that feeling for a good 45 minutes or so. Even when my penis began to go flat, that feeling continued. I had to wee and when I checked my “safety towel” (I am in Day 5 of SR and need some protection) it was wet with precum! All during this time near the PONR, I felt my prostate pulsing and pumping but I did not trigger the ejaculatory reflex yet. Could this be a cure for my DE? I sure felt it. I felt that if I penetrated her now, I would have to ejaculate, no doubt about it! Now, if only I can carry-over this reflex over to our “normal” make-out session!

PS I know I was lucid dreaming during the hour or two. It was not sexual, but was very vivid and I remembered every detail.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/almost-an-hour-near-ponr/