Boy, that awesome f**cker, Progasm Classic! Friday morning session, October 7

Hi guys,

Once again I slept about four hours last night and woke up just around 2 a.m. this morning. So I listened between various radio stations, mostly WAVA-FM, an evangelical radio station which offers evangelical preaching and conservative political commentary. The preaching I hear on that radio station is mostly good, despite the ranting and raving of some preachers, who try to emulate the prophets of the Old Testament. However I have little patience for the conservative political commentary on that station because it is so stupid and backward!

I didn’t mind waking up so early, because my Aless was revving up and I was nursing a delicious erection. Like most baby boomers, I was circumcised as a baby boomer in late March/early April 1949. So I was my dad shortly after his birth in early March 1914. My dad passed on since late December 1990. I inherited his cock dimensions and his large, delectable GLANS, and we have similar circumcision styles. I was reflecting all this as I was admiring my tumescent penis and cock knob as I was prepping for this morning’s session just after 4 a.m.

It was nearly a two hour session with my favorite guys, Maximus and Progasm Classic. They feel so good inside me doing their thing. They swing into action of their own as I put into effect the do-nothing technique.

This morning both Maximus and Progasm Classic didn’t have as much pep as they did on Wednesday. But they massaged away nonetheless my prostate and anal tract/musculature! The benefit of the do-nothing technique is that you let your Aneros models as they will, whether slowly and subtly or slightly more vigorously in a true auto-fuck! Maximus just felt real good anyway!

I spent quality time with Progasm Classic which didn’t massage in auto-fuck fashion this morning as an Energizer Bunny. I envisioned Progasm Classic in me working away. He fucked me in bruiser fashion and it felt so good!

I finished the session around 6 a.m. with profound Aless. I ran some errands 8:30-10:00 a.m. which involved much walking. The Aless is so sweet and powerful right now as I type. I hope to a session tomorrow morning with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic to round out the week. Take care!

Saturday, October 8.

Update at 7:00 a.m. All day yesterday I had a rather delicious Aless, with surges of pleasure happening out of the blue. My bunghole and prostate had that well-exercised sweetness tinctured with little bit of pain, sort of like an athlete feels after a good workout. Like the U.S. Marines say in bootcamp, “No pain, no gain.”

Update at 9:52 a.m.

A good Aneros workout, especially from heavy-duty models of Maximus and Progasm Classic causes amazing Aless that lasts a day or so. However, Aless is a state you must enter into or engage with. A series of Kegels adds fuel to well-exercised bunghole, anal musculature, and prostate. Add some stimulation of your nipples, hairy chest and abs, and the fire of Aless increased, or the dynamo down there is revved up.