Early Saturday morning session, October 8, Wow that Maximus!

Hi guys,

This morning I woke up about 3 a.m. this morning. But since there was little of note on the radio to listen to, I decided to get up soon afterwards, and prep for a session. This morning I rode in order, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. It was a real good session.

It began around 4 and ended around 5 a.m. I began with MGX. MGX and I have become real good friends since he of his own accord became an Energizer Bunny in just a day after my breakthrough session on Friday September 16. MGX fucked me real good as I went from one surge of pleasure to another. This went on for a good fifteen minutes. This morning, however, MGX was more sedate in his massage action, but still real good. When I think of MGX and his ribbed stem, I get horny, because that itself massages my anus. The very thought of MGX revves up my Aless!

Then I went to Maximus. Maximus is just as long as the Aneros Progasm series, but not as thick or Progasm, or more slender as the Eupho series which has the same length too. Maximus is just right. Maximus penetrates and hits spots along and around my prostate that are surprising, as happened this morning. Maximus truly became the Energizer Bunny that he is. I went from pleasure to pleasure over and over again with Maximus. The very thought of Maximus sends me!

I completed this morning’s session with Progasm ICE. Many guys on Aneros Forum lament or complain that Progasm Classic and Progasm Ivory tend to break or crack even from ordinary use. That has not been my experience. I tend to be more gentle or treat these two models more gingerly. I like Progasm Classic because he has traction making for a more manly ride for me. Progasm Ivory has a feel between the traction of Progasm Classic and the velvety sleekness of Progasm ICE. I do not know if the Aneros Company is going to phase out Progasm Classic and Progasm Ivory in favor of the apparently more durable Progasm ICE in clear, black, or clear versions. So I am approaching Progasm ICE in a more different way.

So when I ride Progasm Classic, I focus my attention on its sleekness. My anal tract/musculature holds Aneros in a secure fashion, but I do not need to use strong Kegel contractions though. I am beyond that. The upshot of my new approach with Progasm ICE is that the lips of my man cunt feels the sleekness of Progasm ICE. There is no slippage of this model out of me now. I had a nice ride with Progasm ICE. I may ride both MGX and Progasm ICE tomorrow afternoon after church.

I am going to embargo posting this blog post to give update of my Aless throughout the day. Take care!

Update 10:00 a.m. I dedicate this blog post to @GGringo who is a devotee of Progasm ICE.

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