Adding Vibrations Helps Me Cum Faster

Just sharing a technique I use to hep me reach an orgasm faster:

I ordered some toys from an online retailer and they sent me a complimentary surprise toy. It ended up being one of those clit stimulators. It’s the size of my thumb, vibrates and has four or five metal balls imbedded into it that you’re supposed to rub against your girl’s pussy.

Well, recently, I’ve been on a perineum massage kick and incorporating a lot of manual stimulation on my taint into my JO sessions. So yesterday, during an anal masturbatuon session with my helix I grabbed that clit toy I got and applied it to my taint…

I got an anal-o in minutes. I rubbed the entire area from my hole to my scrotum, SLOWLY. Not only slow but also very lightly, focusing more on the skin of that area than the tissue beneath. Very light contact and gentle pressure and speed. Contractions started hitting me within seconds, and I wasn’t even making contact with the aneros! the aneros wasn’t vibrating from the toy, just doing its thing like always, so the vibrations were all coming into contact with my taint not my ass or Pspot.

I highly recommend it if you are looking for something new to try, and if your girl has one laying around.

For positions, I was on my back with my hips rolled up and my legs spread, bent, but my feet flat on the bed. I used my right hand to play with the clit stimulator, and my left was grabbing the sheets and pillows in lustful desperation…it was wild

I did some googling, and someone described these orgasms as multi dimensional, because you’re incorporating multiple erogenous zones while you cum. This method combines your Pspot, anal canal, sphincter and your taint and scrotum…it was an exhausting but breathtaking orgasm that I need to share with other users. Just phenomenal.


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