The Obstacles in my Path (2013-present)

I’m very frustrated because I was writing a big post and suddenly the site refreshed somehow and I lost everything I wrote. So I’ll be very short now, I’m sorry.

– While having sessions I end up in a point where I feel very tense and I feel some kind of urge. Problem is that I end up ejaculating.
– Nipples have a noticeable impact in my prostate, but if I keep using them I end up ejaculating. I have premature ejaculation, is my ejaculation button preventing me from having real dry orgasms?

– Some years ago I started getting followed by psychiatrists and psychologists because of depression. So I ended up getting meds. Right now I’m taking clonazepam, bupropion and clomipramine. Can this have an impact and explay why nowadays it’s almost impossible to feel anything? Surely, but how much?

– This year my testosterone level was found to be below normal. It wasn’t in previous years. In December I’ll have an appointment and I hope I can get some solution for this.
– Sexually I am an extremely depressed and frustrated. I don’t have erections just by though, it takes time to get real hard and when that happens I’m seconds from ejaculation. In short, sexually I am a complete failure. This is one of the things that contributes the most to my depression as I feel a lesser man. Profissional help so far led me nowhere, which frustrates me even more. Yes I’ve taken levitra, viagra, cialis and prilligy and they aren’t a solution to my problems.

– So right now I think it’s justified that I have zero sex drive and that my prostate is dead the same. Maybe this will improve somehow with more testosterone and no/neutral meds.
But after all these years I wonder: are dry orgasms and super orgasms something I’ll never achieve? Sexually I don’t work like other men do, is this another example of that? I feel so hopeless about that chance. I wanted it so much, I wanted to feel a wow that is incredible feeling. I haven’t had such with aneros.