“My Fantasy Life Is Alive And Well!”

Well! I don’t know where these fantasies are coming from, but I can’t complain! Here are a few recent ones; some may seem a little offbeat. But the were all very stimulating and that is why they are useful in male arousal.
I am experiencing my first sexual encounter with a nymphomaniac! She tells me right out that she “needs to be serviced every day”. She asks me directly: “Are you man enough for me?” What a turn-on!
Believe it or not, I am an alien! I have the tools but don’t have the experience. My “date” will “train” me how to use them! I am completely naiive and need the proper instruction. This got me going!
I am in a contest called “The Hardest Man”. All the couples are in a ferris wheel with enclosed cages. They are told to start making-out until the guy gets hard. Then, the wheel starts up and periodically, the cars are inspected. If a guy goes “soft”, that couple is out! Whoever lasts the longest is declared the “hardest man”! This one also was stimulating!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/my-fantasy-life-is-alive-and-well/