Why I don’t get any involuntary movements..

I have been using both sgx, mgx, and eupho for 4 months.

Although I have gotten good feelings for some number of minutes, that’s it…

I have been mostly doing nothing, but should i do kegel exercises throughout the session? like the manual says ?


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  1. I would relax for a while first, just taking deep breaths.

    Then, do some medium strength contractions in time with your breath. Like, hold your anal sphincter muscles (squeeze like you’re trying to stop a bowl movement) during the in breaths.

    Always breath deep into your belly while doing this.

    After a few minutes of the above just maintain a very very light contraction. As light as you can manage, but still know you’re doing it. While maintaining this light contraction you may notice that it’s hard to stop your body from either squeezing harder or trying to let go (from fatigue). Success, this is the start of involuntary. It may feel like a trembling or twitching.

    It can be fine tuned even more by maintaining a steady contraction then increasing it by 10% more or letting go 10% less or so. You’ll start to hone in on this wavery spot.

    After some time it will kind of get a mind of its own.

    KEY: start aroused and build arousal (good sensations are in of themselves arousing)

    Hope this helps somewhat

    Hopefully others will share what works for them too!

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