First time hands free!

I’ve owned my Helix for a couple of years now, but usually it aids sex, blow jobs, or a fleshlight like icing on a cake.

But tonight I was exploring and said I keep it hands free. I had low expectations, and the first 5 minutes was relaxing and trying different muscle techniques.

I guess it was working? I felt my heart rate go up and breathing deeper but I wasn’t feeling much, I still felt confused.

But I changed my position, and put both feet flat on the bed and started rocking my hips up and down, and within 2 minutes I felt the pleasure of my prostate right before I had the strongest most breath taking orgasm unlike any I’ve ever had before.

I literally can’t believe it! I’ve been saying I’d try this for years, I can’t believe I figured it out in 15 minutes.

Anyone who hasn’t quite got it yet, try different positions and make sure you’re relaxed.



  1. Hands free orgasm with or without ejaculating? Still kudos to you, congrats!

  2. Sounds great, congratulations.

    Would you mind describing the position a little more, I’d like to try this out for myself. I’m sure the best position etc is totally individual, but it is good to know some options to try. I have so far tended to stick to the default position advised in the guide that came with my Helix, ie on my side with lower leg straight and upper leg bent at 90 degrees. It has been working to a point, but I’d welcome the opportunity to try something else that may or may not have different results.

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