First Aneros, which to get?

I’ve been experimenting with this stuff for probably 3 years now. It started with external stimulation then fingering which got better, then to toys not intended for anal/prostate used where things started to get really interesting, but I’ve hit a wall here. I feel like I know all the techniques and positions but my tools are the weakest link in my chain, I’ve gotten so incredibly close to a prostate orgasm by my toys just weren’t making enough contact for the sensations to continue long enough.

I’m finally in a position where I can safely acquire an Aneros, something I’ve been waiting years for, but I didn’t really do any research until now and my budget allows for a majority of the available models but I just want to start with one for now. So my options include the:

* Helix
* Helix Syn
* Progasm Jr
* Progasm (black, white is there a difference?)
* Progasm Ice
* Progasm Red
* Maximus
* Eupho
* DeVice

I want to play it safe and get the helix syn as that seems to be the jack of all trades, but I’m unsure if I’m experienced enough to jump to one of the more advanced models. What’s your opinion on where I should start? Thanks for any help/suggestions!



  1. After 27 months of sessions my go to is Helix Classic. My sessions can run 3-4 hours and synthetic repels my water based lube and can get dry after about an hour. Still enjoyable and good clean love seems to have some staying power on the syn. But classic seems to be my preferred tool. After that I go syn, if I’m feeling like a change I have used Maximus, lastly my program ice. BUT I have been having such amazing sessions with classic I haven’t felt any strong need to switch. Mind blowing whole body orgasms. Took about 24 months to reachieve this level.

  2. It would seem like you need that sense of fullness. That’s why I originally started with the Progasm too. More movement ends up translating to more stimulation, which is what you want. You want it to rock back and forth inside and pet and tease your prostate. A subtle approach with the prostate eventually leads to higher levels of pleasure instead of bigger being better. I think you’ll come to enjoy whichever one you buy, but I really think easier learning can be done with the Helix. It’s the perfect catch all of good room for movement, but aggressive enough to satisfy.

    I’m learning more and more that aneros success lies in the arousal of your brain. Somehow you learn to amplify your minds arousal as the true key to prostate orgasms. It’s like the aneros is just a tool to help you understand this link.

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