Are those the right feelings?

Hi folks!

35, anal beginner. Wanted to share some doubts also in case somebody passes on this post later 🙂
Got a helix trident. Went to toilet, waited a bit, lubed abundantly with pjur’s silicon lube. The little guy slid in quite nicely after a few trials. No pain, feeling full. Started breathing and relaxing started feeling a light pleasure every now and then like it were at the base of the penis. So far so good.

I notice keeping the set of muscles by which you can also bring slightly up your testicles made things more pleasant. Great. But the more I did it, the more the little plastic guy went to position itself in a more “vertical” way (I was lying on my back, curled legs). In the end, it really felt it was trying to push through my colon a bit (I felt a bit of pressure) and at the same time, the center feeling of pleasure moved more down. I could feel the frontal part of the aneros (the zig zag) touching also some internal stuff.

Anyway, went over for ~ 1hr, didn’t get too far, but was interesting anyway. Question is: am I doing it right? I know the prostate is not exactly attached to the colon so I understand it may have to push a bit, but is the right thing? Or was it going “too vertical” and there was actually some danger for my rectum? Also at some point it really felt like it was pressing on a nerve a little bit, like a buzzing sensation.. damn, they should put more instructions with this thing 🙂


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