2 comments on “Am I on the right track?

  1. Focus on your breathing, that has worked best for me. Slow deep breaths and you can feel the magic happen on the exhale. I have had good luck with the do nothing approach as far as clenching the aneros. But if the feelings slow down or aren’t happening I will squeeze my kegel muscles on a deep inhale and release on the exhale. Do this a few times and ìt gets things going again.

  2. Give The Multi Orgasmic Man a read – specifically the first four chapters. There’s free PDF versions available if you Google it.

    The book was really helpful for me. I read it several months into my experiments with prostate play and it felt like all the pieces of the jigsaw, maybe not came together, but certainly arranged themselves into roughly the right position. Although the book is mainly a guide to controlling penile orgasms, practising the techniques will hugely enhance your understanding of your body’s orgasm responses.

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